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CH1dg.jpg (5434 bytes)dg. The owner & creator of surf98. Started surfing aged 9 in far west Cornwall, but didn't get really serious until 1976 when he was 15.  A committed kneeboarder, & a school teacher he lives, works and surfs mostly on the south coast of Cornwall, but will travel whenever the chance arrives. Always on the look out for un-surfed areas (of which there are many) searching for fast breaking uncrowded lefts, absent-mindedly forgetting to tell people where he is going. dg is also a writer, film-maker & a contest judge. With an endless number of European surf trips behind him, he rates Northern Spain/South West France as best apart from home of course. Still skates 'even at his age' and has returned to cycling 'a fixie', when it is flat.

moby.winter.jpg (22535 bytes)moby. Lives & works on the north coast of Cornwall, only a short walk away from the most famous surfing beach in the UK. A longboarder with a shortboarder inside just fighting to get out. He surfs as much as humanly possible, and then takes photos. He has travelled widely through France, Morocco & the Canary Islands in search of surf of course. Another skater from the old days who still skates! Our eyes and ears on the north coast.

CH1cg.jpg (4239 bytes)cg. A body-boarder / mini-mal rider & a girl. Likes sunshine, France & clean hollow conditions at a certain north coast spot. Lives on the south coast of Cornwall & seems to end up at the beach all the time. Has been known to take to the water in mid-winter in a 3 mm summer suit, no gloves or boots, because the conditions looked right & then make the biggest drop of the day, with a beach full of witnesses. 

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